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Alienum is a unique and original fishing game created for the Second LifeŽ virtual world, created and maintained by Neeva Becket Emagan. The game was planned, designed, and programmed over the course of many years.
Alienum is a developing and evolving game that benefits both the players and landowners who host Alienum Clusters. It also supports the Second LifeŽ economy and is an excellent introduction to the vastness of SL™ for new residents and old alike.
Alienum Players earn Linden Dollars ($L) as they extract seeds and alien fish from Alienum Clusters, grow alien plants, score and produce energy cells, and more.
Alienum Landowners host Alienum "Clusters" at their stores, shops, or on their land benefit from daily traffic count, daily visitors, and also potential customers. They can also earn money from Energy Cell Sales that help maintain their cluster budgets and keep those cluster funded and active longer.

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