Moonlight Elite Ballroom
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Theres Magic in the Moonlight! Our beautiful low-lag ballroom features everything you could wish for for an evening in Second Life. Beautiful space, free drinks, elegant dining and amazing romantic music.
Our sim was created with lag control in mind. So many ballrooms are beautiful, but the lag makes them useless. We checked lag every step of the way, and have minimized it at every opportunity. We do ask that ladies not wear older jewelry or hair, as the scripts in those items DOES create unacceptable lag for all visitors.
If you dont want to dress formally, then we have an Over-Sea Dance Pavillion, Dress code there is very relaxed. You dance to the same music, and can make requests of the DJ from there.
The same is true of our Mer-Ballroom, complete with dance balls designed for mer-folk. Dress code there is tails and shells (no bare breasts. )

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