First America Sailing Community
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“A Community You Can Call Home”

We would like to introduce a new community on the mainland of Satori. We here at FIRST AMERICA SAILING COMMUNITY want to offer you some of the most luxurious homes in Second Life. We offer both furnished and unfurnished homes, so you can move in with ease and not have the hassle of the purchasing of furniture, or you can rent our ultra fine mesh homes that just have the basics, such as a kitchen, as well as a bath in most homes. These are often the most expensive items to place in a home, so were happy to offer those to you.
We are here to provide a new experience in both access to the road for all those cars you have been wanting to drive, as well as sea access and sailing all the way to the open oceans of Second Life. This is the perfect place to relax, or just go enjoy the grounds, take a walk to the park, or down to the pier. Get in your car and go explore the many roads along Route 8. This is a place to be yourself and to make FIRST AMERICA SAILING COMMUNITY your home. We will soon offer even more amenities to our residents, so please make sure you stay tuned for exciting expansion of your growing world.
We offer both Fully Furnished, and Partially Furnished homes. Both have many options, but differ in prim counts as outlined in the example below:
1) Fully Furnished - $L 1000 per week - 200 Prims
2) Partially Furnished (kitchen/bath or just kitchen) - $L 1000 per week - 400 Prim
3) Pool included homes/ Fully Furnished - $L 1100 per week - 200 prim
Discounts are also available for residents making long term prepayments.
Should you choose a fully furnished home(these are limited in supply) you will get a wonderful 200 PRIM to add your personal touches. Should you decide to decorate your home yourself, you will receive 400 PRIM, giving enough to decorate your entire home and put your car in the driveway. If for some reason you need more prim, please contact any of our support staff to assist you on pricing and amounts available for sale.
As you will see, FIRST AMERICA SAILING COMMUNITY will offer you a COMMUNITY you can call HOME !
Please contact Bensinton Resident or any of our management staff with any questions you may have.
Thank you for taking the time to look at our ad, and we hope to see you soon, racing along the mainland roads or sailing the seas of Second Life,
“A Community You Can Call Home”

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