Metroplex 17
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Metroplex 17 is the newly rebranded edition of Era of Salvation. It is a sci-fi, cyberpunk role-play sim, that offers players a freeform combat role-play environment unlike any other sci-fi role-play sim currently in SecondLife.
The Metroplex is based on a class system, separating the divide between the "elite" citizens and the "lower-class" interlopers. Within this context, a player may choose various races: Human, Advent (Humans with embedded tech-augments), Androids, and the Spliced (Humans genetically crossed with animals). Their story begins as soon as they register to play on the informative website, which a link can be found for in the landing zone.
We also offer various rentals on and off sim to accommodate our players (though non-roleplayers are welcome to our off-sim rentals), both furnished and unfurnished.
We encourage all interested to contact our friendly staff should they require any further information.

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