Moonite Rentals
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Welcome to Moonite Rentals
Sky Sphere Domes in Wemyss (Mature) Region Region, 1/4 sim (16384 sq m) plots.
Sky Sphere Domes unfurnished for rent. Build your own home, your world your imagination. Suitable for residential homes, a commercial business, or even a breedables farm. Prices at 120 L$ per week for 100 prims in 1/4 sim (16384 sq m). No need for premium membership to rent a sky sphere dome. Sky spheres domes are a 16384 sq m plot size on the mainland. More sizes to follow soon.
Come check us out and if interested please contact Susy Moonites for a group invite. Pay the tier box to secure your sky sphere dome as spots will snap up fast, then IM Susy Moonites for a group invite to be able to rez. There are 36 of these sky sphere domes to rent.
Need more prims? then IM Susy Moonites to discuss further.
Changeable Sky and ground by clicking to switch.
Extras include a tv with built in radio, a prim counter and a security system in the sky sphere dome to prevent intruders.
Check the office to see if any of the Sky Sphere Domes are available.
http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Wemyss/231/239/313
Susy Moonites
Owner of Moonite Rentals

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