Smethwick Estates
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Smethwick Estates is small by comparison to some of the larger letting agencies. However we do have some good properties and an automated service for your convenience. Renting is a very straight forward process whereby our smart bots guide you through the whole process even inviting you to a closed group so that you can rez straight away.
Our intention is not to become a large owner of estate and lands in Second Life but more of a niche market community of quality housing and affordable properties.

It is more important to us to have good decent tenants who all get along with each other and respect each others privacy and just generally being good neighbours.

We didn't write a long winded list of rules and regulations except to request no skyboxes since they might intrude on those already provided and to insist that everyone stays within their prim limit.

We trust our tenants, our friends and neighbours, to know what is right and wrong. However, if for any reason you do have a problem with your house or land then please get in touch straight away so that we can resolve things for you.

Party Boat

The party boat is a little different to most of our other rentals. You probably want it for a party or a major celebration so please IM IngilizHamdi Resident so that we can set things up for you in order to make sure your special day goes as smoothly as possible.

We can make sure the right permissions are in place for you DJ or special guests and we can even change the interior of the boat to suit the occassion. Just ask for details.

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