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Welcome to Surf4ls. Our goal is to make Second Life online advertising accessible to all. The aim is to have this one of the best business tools in Second life and as we grow and develop we will be attracting a variety of businesses from all parts of Second Life, it will be a website that is user friendly and where businesses can come and find other companies to either obtain goods from or work closely with so we can all develop the second life business communities to the full. Not only can you advertise your own website to your Second Life business but you can also earn L$ as you click on other business adverts here, you simply sign up and use your Second life name and then start clicking and you earn as you click and be able to store credits for further advertising.
This is going to be an amazing opportunity for all businesses in SL, watch out for further developments. Client and customer care officer: duchessofdevonshire resident
We are looking for representatives to talk with our visitors about our website and get them to sign up, IM morganlefray resident for more info.
You can join our group and find our affiliate atm at our main HQ

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One of the first things noticed ...

by Rose4781 Resident, January 30th, 2014

One of the first things noticed upon arriving at Surf4Ls is the boxes directly beside and in front of the landing zone. The first box is more interesting as it tells the visitor  "click ME to start your visit". It allows the visitor to earn a couple of lindens during the visit. ...

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