Cyberpunk Open RP & Games: Avalon - City of Chance
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Avalon rises out of urban decay to bring you exciting near future open role play, structured scheduled table top role play, and most important, hundreds of chance game machines to find your fortune! Program your destiny!
Avalon is a dark, near future location, where high tech clashes with urban grunge. This slice of the big city is loosely based on classic genres like "Bladerunner", "Cyberpunk", and "Shadowrun". Enjoy futuristic role playing, gaming, an underground race track, a holodeck, art gallery, monorail, and more hidden gems!
Also, tons of chance game machines to find your fortune. Come play 4Play, Wizard Crazy, Pizza Party, Enchanted, Reel Wild, Devil Hunt, Fire Ball, Bugz, No Devil and Money Vault. Contests & cash prizes.

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