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Bloodshroud Bayou is the beginning of an expansive community, with the idea that bringing traffic to the community will bring sales to your business. We advertise the community using various methods, bringing people interested in your products or services from many sources such as in-game billboards, Facebook, Twitter, email and of course, the in-game search. We will work with you to build a strong marketing presence and the type of products or services you sell will be added to our advertising text to help you attract more traffic. In addition, we offer free ad board space in our welcome area for business tenants. You may use four ad boards per 2048 sqm of land you are renting, plus one store teleport sign on the tall directory. Please contact Exiveria Ornitz or touch an empty ad board for more information.
For Residential
Ornitz Real Estate prides itself on quality land, free of griefing, excessive particles and lag. We offer beautiful beach land, both developed and undeveloped, as well as a wide assortment of skyboxes. We maintain a database of excellent quality (mostly mesh) prefabricated houses to put on your land (or in the sky above your land), free of charge.
256 sqm - 66 Prims - L$99/wk
1024 sqm - 267 Prims - L$420/wk
2048 sqm - 534 Prims - L$825/wk
4096 sqm - 1068 Prims - L$1653/wk
To rent a parcel, simply pay the sign located on the parcel and then buy the land, or you may pay the vendor if you already know where your parcel is located (touch Show On Map). This region is zoned for both commercial and residential.
More Info
Our plans involve adding an additional sim every two months until the community is a total of fourteen sims, seven by two sims in size, with a three by two sim commercial area, a three by two sim residential area and two mixed sims in the middle, all connected by road. Bloodshroud Bayou will be one of the mixed sims in the middle. We plan to complete this project by March of 2016. But until then, our community idea works just as well on a small scale as it does on a large scale! Our sims are all full-prim, we do not mess with home
Please follow the covenant. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Exiveria Ornitz.

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