Brickyard Blues and Gallery
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Brickyard Blues and Art Gallery is located on Cypress Springs Estates. Brickyard Blues is a fun place for all avatars, from furry to human and a great place to meet and make new friends, enjoy great music from fantastic DJ's and hosts. The emphasis is on entertainment and providing a great place to hang out and enjoy yourselves here on Second Life. Next door is Brickyard Gallery where you may see the art and drawings of Icelandic Artist Blaster067, the Romantic poetry art of Sunglow Langer, and art by other talented SL artists.
Creativity is the key word at Brickyard Gallery. Artists may rent their own area to display their work. SunBlast Profile Creations displays samples of varied and wonderful profile photos created by Blaster067. Want a different and creative profile picture for your profile? Contact Blaster067. We look forward to your visiting and spending time with us here at the Brickyard!

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This is a DJ music ...

by CW Washborne, March 11th, 2014

This is a DJ music venue offering a range of music but focusing mainly on rock and blues. The venue’s brand image, at the entrance and various locations inside, has been well designed and fits the venue, providing a sophisticated feel.

The most striking element to the venue is how spacious it is, with an incredibly large dance area providing enough space for everyone. There are couples dance balls placed unobtrusively around the dance floor for those looking for a suitable dance with their partner. Another great feature of the venue is that the lighting for the dance floor is not over the top. A series of ceiling spotlights shining on the floor and a couple of rotating lighting patterns are all that are used, but it is to great effect and not only fits in with the simple but elegant design of the venue, but also with the music style.

Just off from the dance floor is the bar. This is kept separate from the dance floor, but still allows easy access for those who want to be able to move between the two locations without any hassle. The bar is also close enough and open enough for people to enjoy both the music and the dancing from the bar stools. Near the bar and off of the main dance area is a working piano for those looking to provide some entertainment themselves.

The venue has an information board to help you know when the next DJ set is due and has a radio station playing at other times to ensure a continuous supply of music. There is a competition board at the venue for various events and some free promotional items also available.

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