Nautilus Rentals
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You dont need a Premium account to rent our stores and apartment
Contact: Todd vrandic,
Residential or light commercial usage like a small shop, studio, breedables.
only L$240 Per 200 Prims Weekly!
(L$60 per each 50 additional prims weekly. )
Only L$600 Per 500 Prims Weekly!
(L$60 per each 50 additional prims weekly. )
SkyDome rulesS:
1. Minimal rental period: 1 week, no refunds.
2. Residential or light commercial usage (tattoo studio, photo studio, small shop etc. No clubs, no games!)
3. Do not exceed your prim usage. Your SkyDome Rental Box is displaying average prim usage with about 15 minutes latency.
3. Rezz your objects within designated boundaries and remove objects misplaced in the neighborhood. Contact our manager if you need help.
4. You can add your partner to security system by your rental box menu and invite your partner to the group. You can add and invite your friends or roommates too.
5. No harassment, no stalking, no griefing.
6. You cant change music, media and any other parcel settings like banlist or description. However, if you are stalked contact our manager, we can ban this avatar. You can use prim media receivers. If you have small business in the SkyDome, please contact our manager, we can add your place to SL search, and promote it in other ways too.
Todd vrandic owner
IMs may be capped, if you dont received a reply within 48 hours send a notecard please
Weekly Tier:
65536 Square meters, 15000 prims
Only LY L$18000
16384 Square meters, 3750 prims
Only L$4500
8192 Square meters, 1875 prims
Only L$2250
4096 Square meters, 937 prims
Only L$1150
3072 Square meters, 703 prims
Only L$850
2048 Square meters, 468 prims
Only L$600
1536 Square meters, 351 prims
Only L$450
1024 Square meters, 234 prims
Only L$300
512 Square meters, 117 prims
Only L$150
Mainland parcel rules: no rules, just respect LL Terms of service.

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