Powdered Water Properties
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Powdered Water Properties specializes in low-cost/low-prim rentals and offers custom rental solutions. From skyboxes starting at $30L/week to oceanfront properties on estate land, we provide a wide range of affordable options for SL living. Bonuses for our residents include: a game room, 7Seas fishing pond, garden, and a large community space for your parties.
Powdered Water Properties also offers you:
Exceptional service:
Have questions about land and all the little details that come with it? We can answer them.
Got a problem with a griefer? We'll take care of it.
Looking to make new friends and find new places in Second Life? We can help!

Great Community:
People that really listen to what you want.
More people to share with
Guest speakers about topics you want to learn about

Land broker services:
As land brokers, we work with several land companies, some of which do not have English as their first language.
We can help you avoid dealing with all the ins and outs of land in order to find your perfect home in Second Life.

Come see what we can do for you!

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