Feyline Fashions
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Come to Feyline Fashions for all your roleplay needs. There is something there just for you. Be you warrior, elf, fae, hobbit or drow you will find something special. Pirates and military outfits are also amongst the many things youll find there. If you dont need roleplay gear, check out the causal side of Feylines. Pajamas, robes, jeans, skirts, tye dye and more. Our collection of mens and womens boots are also unique and stylish.

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Upon arriving at the business ...

by daechir Resident, November 07th, 2013

Upon arriving at the business you get a instant sense of old, medieval times. The crackling fire sounds and the realistic stone walls and floors make you want to look around. You get a sense of adventure drawing you in to check out the store.  

The shop is well kept ...

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