Fuzzy Entertainment
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Fuzzy Entertainment-Paying Tribute to Live Rock N' Roll Concerts!
Typically using live sound tracks. Band members work hard to build avatars that look like the RL artist. Audience interaction and fun are what we strive for. We do this because we love the music.
All of our concerts are aired LIVE on Claw Radio®. net. When not booked elsewhere on the grid, Concerts are held most Saturdays at R&R Guitars Live/Concert Venue. Drop by and get your CLAWS on baby.
For hiring information Contact Wil Kanno.
Originally est as Bare Concerts (2009) Re-organized in 2011
No affiliation with the RL bands No trademark infringement is intended. No RL financial gains.

Second Life address:
Stony Brook Beach (94,193,22)

- Entertainment / Music

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