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Capturing your Second Life & Bringing it to life.
Thank you for your interest in MumuHime Photography Studio! She offers top quality photos at affordable prices. Fast & fun taken & edited by MumuHime herself. You can preview her Professional / Portfolios InWorld as well as online. Links & Landmark are included. Our office is next to the studio on the 7th floor come leave us a Note card well get back to you as soon as possible (give us three days to reply) Please be sure to read the studio NC in full! Mumu offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere along with professional and personal attention to the details needed to make your photos unique. Mumu has a style that is all her own yet also works well together with you on what you need and on big or joint projects.
She tries to bring a deep feeling of art to her work, giving you more then just a SL profile picture. You can use her work for covers of In world Books, Art Shows, Modeling Portfolios Etc. Its about adding your life to your second life, working hard to make your pictures showcase who you are and what you want to be. Photos can be taken in the studio or even on land with beautiful backdrops (as long as rezzing is allowed) so you can have work done right at home if need be. But donít take the staffs word for it we have photo previews on the sites to view her many styles or you can come see the studio slide shows. Itís all a click away. Please come In world to view her Animated Photography (Motion photos)
(We are the Main studio of the sim which also has Elizabeth Tailored Models Agency & Academy)
Thank you.

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Sometimes we are in desperate ...

by Lizzah Petrovic, April 24th, 2013

Sometimes we are in desperate need of a new profile picture, but there are so many photography studios we can get lost in the offers they present to us. I have found the perfect place to fix that problem! MumuHime Photography Studio is the place to be if you are in ...

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