Recoup Splendor Inc.
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Recoup Splendor Inc. is offering Homes for rent.
Available Now :
Recoup Splendor Incs (G)
~ Lil Paradise ~
300L$ per week per person / couple. ( up to 45 prim )
Surrounding parcels cant see nor hear you.
Home is fully furnished with lots of animation. all you need do is add your own lil touch with the prims alloted.
What you get when you rent Lil Paradise :
An elevated split level fully furnished home.
45 prim. for all the fun stuff.
Lots of out door areas : Out side of bedroom, a ladder onto roof
Under the house
From ground level, a ladder down to jetty.
Jetty is available for swimming, boating.
Home has Security.
Lots of animation.
Privacy assured.
http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Ku/133/45/30
Port in and have a look. you ll love it.
Coming soon

Recoup Splendor Inc Water Land Duplexes for rent (M), offering complete privacy or community/resort type living. Split level duplexes with a private deck off the master bedroom. Unbelievable views of the ocean. Many extras including R. S. Inc. Resident rezzing sail boats, water tubes plus much more. Lots of pose and animation in secret lil places. To mention a lil on whats available with in each Duplex :
Surrounding parcels cant see nor hear you.
Duplex is fully furnished with lots of pose and animation. All you need do is add your own lil touch with the prims allotted.
BEDROOM : Includes a fully customizable bed. Changes textures of every part of it by an easy to use visual menu system. It lets you set literally millions of different setups in a few seconds. Design your own colour scheme ! Based on the XPOSE 4. 0 System. ( 714 animations )
BATHROOM : Consists of bath / shower in 1. Open / shut curtain. Bubbles.
Again animations / pose available.
Each Duplex is sub divided giving complete privacy with in it.
Security / door lock.
Private out door deck area.
A small jetty is available for swimming or boating between each pair of duplexes.
Residents Bar / socializing area.
Residents small island off the main establishment for private moments or socializing.
Cuddle palm and other animations available.

Recoup Splendor Inc. isn't just another rental establishment. We ll be offering both a community environment and/or complete privacy. With dolphins, swans, the moon light reflecting off the ocean at night, not to mention the owners knowing real people are behind each avatar, Recoup Splendor Inc. WaterLand will be some where unique, relaxing and romantic to make your Second Life home with in.
Coming Soon :
Larger Family homes also to be available. (G)
Join our group, Recoup Splendor for more information and to keep informed on the rental opening dates. Feel free to contact MACE any time.
MACE ( mase resident )

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