Desanne's Temptations
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Desanne's Temptations is the only Companion Agency in SL. We offer full service Companions to be whatever it is you want/need them to be. Need a pretty girl on your arm at your next clan meeting? Want a young stud to go on a romantic adventure with you? Need a girl to talk to and have a shoulder to cry on? Want to take a guy on a date and not have to worry about him trying to get down your pants? Or maybe you WANT him to get down your pants? Whatever it is, we deliver. We are NOT a sex-based organization. We are not SL escorts. We are Companions who want to give you that thing you're missing in your life, whatever it is, even if only for a short while. Come on in to our home office for more details and Join Us in Blissful Surrender :D

Second Life address:
Leiris (198,66,188,)

- Services / Dating

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