Dream Seeker Estates
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specializing in stand alone full-prim Sims and homesteads. We do have Parcels, sized generally from 4096m -16384m.
Residential, commercial, adult, and farm regions. Need a place to raise your family, create and run your business, breed your SL animals?
Look no further, Dream Seeker has a professionally trained support staff. We have been in the land business since 2007. We are an incorporated business in Alberta Canada. Support monitors our Sims with our region monitor so any issues with servers or scripts can be handled in a professional manner. Come make your dreams come true at Dream Seeker Estates

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Dream Seeker Estates is a ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, March 14th, 2013

Dream Seeker Estates is a land rental company located in Second Life. The company offers many different types of land rental options. When you first arrive you will be in front of the main rental office. It looks very professional and is very well laid out. To the left of the ...

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