F-TECH Rental System V6
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The Best most popular and powerful rental system, Great for (Homes/skyboxes/land/ store. )
Fully customizable.
Easy to use and Configuration by notecard just few lines to set this system for your needs.
No web plugin lag, no more Bot plugin all is integrated on one script, and rez much as you like on same parcel or more without lag.
Pair button to connect with the {F-TECH} Doors/Windows/Security Orb.
1== SmartBots Group Inviter: no more other plugin, our RentBox is adapted with SmartBots systems, now your Tenants and their Partners will be invited to your group directly by a Bot when they pay the Rentbox, after the rent is terminated (no renewing/finished) the Tenants and the partners they will be removed automatically from your Group by the same Bot.
2== Owner can choose to allow Daily or Weekly payments.
3== Setup a discount of. % If a tenant pays for 4 weeks or more in a single payment the discount will be refunded.
Pay per week/day: you can set the rent for weekly or daily payments.
Discount: allow you to give a (. %) discount if the tenant paid for (. ) weeks.
Reports: overprims, arrears, overprims, tenancies, vacancies, group join or ejected…
Only one prim counter per parcel needed
Prim counter: count tenants prim rezed + thier partners.
Tenant(s) over prim limits receive optional warning IM’s for owner too
Exclusion count: Count renter prims or count everyone but your prims & managers.
Configurable separate warning times to tenant and owner
Add or remove a partner
Add or remove a manager: Manager can operate RentBox
Auto Arrears mode: only the tenant can pay the box, but all time spent in arrears mode will be subtracted from the rent time.
Lock mode: no one can rent when locked.
Reserve mode: reserve for a friend or customer.
All components are self-registering, only one notecard to fill out
Tenants receive notcard info+ LM or gift when they rent
Give info notcard for anyone who touch the rentbox
Invite tenants to group automatically when paid, or from RentBox menu when rented. (DIRECT INVITE By BOT)
SmartBots: invite Tenants and their partners to group when rented and eject automatically when finished.
Fully customizable
Pair “link” with Door, Window and Security Orb.
if you have a SmartBot juste add your info in the setting notcard (Group Name / Security Code).
if you don't have a SmartBots you need to Register to creat an account and get your own Bot by touching the Terminal of "SmartBots" in my store.

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by LeviathanPrim Resident, February 13th, 2013

F-Tech is a quality business that has many products for a sim owner,renter,dance club owner and more. In Second Life its hard to find a good dance machine,F-Tech provides by far the best looking dance machine for clubs that I have ever seen. They are animated and have particle effects. The ...

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by CandyBarker Resident, February 13th, 2013

Second Life is a virtual world which has limitless opportunities for everyone. Among these opportunities, one of the most attractive feature is to open your own business. Various business options are available such as, open your own club, start your own real estate virtual agency and many more. F-TECH is working ...

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F-TECH is a location in ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, February 10th, 2013

F-TECH is a location in Second Life that sells various rental systems. This is a very good market in Second Life. There are so many places that require these to place in front of rental homes or businesses. They are very easy and convenient to use. All the person has to ...

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