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Literature of all types brought to life in Second Life. Stories in open voice.

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Seanchai Library is an amazing ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, March 07th, 2013

Seanchai Library is an amazing location in Second Life that offers many types of literature. The library offers live book readings where you can listen to someone read a story and talk about it with everyone. The first area for the live sessions is very relaxing and quaint. There are comfortable ...

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Seanchai Library is a must ...

by CW Washborne, January 13th, 2013

Seanchai Library is a must stop location for those who enjoy Celtic based literature and readings. The main theme of these readings is the area of mythology, fantasy and culture. The library provides and indoor and outdoor venue for it's readings in simple but suitable and picturesque surroundings. There are readings ...

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The Seanchai Library, pronounced Shanna-key ...

by Aoifee Loon, January 03rd, 2013

The Seanchai Library, pronounced Shanna-key which is Irish Gaeilge for "storyteller" is a lovely little parcel located on Imagination Island. Give it a moment to rez and you will be greeted by the sight of a garden with a 12th century stone church, a fire ring and modern building which houses the library. The parcel decor changes with the seasons and is currently a winter wonderland.

The ground floor of the Library has seating for guests, a stage area which is decorated to match the theme of the current reading. About the walls are click-able posters that hand out information about the library, the current month's events, and subscribers. Downstairs, there is an open area with more seating for guests and volunteers.

The Seanchai Library was founded in 2008 to promote "fine literature from sources through out the world, almost every day of the week... We bring stories of all kinds to life, in Second Life". Events are free to attend and are held in voice. Guests will have to have speakers on and turned up as well as "voice" enabled on their viewer. There is a poster on the back wall that gives instructions on how to enable voice as well as volunteers who can help you vie private Second Life chat.

The library events are scheduled at Second Life times so be sure to make allowances for time zone differences.

Events are held in the library building and in the garden and sometimes at other sims; whichever fits the theme of the reading. Readers and volunteers dress up to match the reading theme. Guests are encouraged to dress up as well, however it is not mandatory.

The readers and library staff are unpaid volunteers who donate their time. Each month the library staff chooses a charity. At the end of the month all the donations form that month are given to that month's charity.

The library has a website which a calender of the months events, a list of the volunteers, and a links to their recorded events.

The Seanchai Library is a friendly and welcoming place with a lovely parcel and fantastic events for all ages.

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