The Mall Street
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__________The Mall Street__________
Rent for 4 weeks and get a 25% off
Shop prices per week:
L$250 Main Shop support 75 prim (20x10)
L$500 Two (2) Floor Mega Store support 200 prim (26mx26m)
Provide me with a full permissions texture of
your logo for your shop sign, to save a prim!
Rotating objects are NOT allowed.
Hovertexts are NOT allowed.
Keep objects inside your shop/house.
Fully furnished private skybox
L$250 per week; support 15 prim
Remove furniture and get extra 35 prim more
on your tier box. (15+35=50 Total)
This house has more than 300 animations,
control panel and many other options,
just come down and check it out yourself.
Lease period can be between 1 and 16 weeks.
Rental boxes will send IM when your lease is close to expiring.
Professional support:
We offer a 24 hour response guarantee!
No down payment!
No Premium account required!
No investment required: 0L$ purchase price
Just Pay the first weeks tier!
Place your own Texture Sign!
We do many possible actions to keep traffic at high standards:
We often offer under our budget vouchers, to visitors, to help your sales!
hosting events - Live Concerts - Open mic nights.
Camping pose balls
Dancing poles
Live Service
Promote Tenants Shops in a large Commercial Group!
Thank you for your interest in renting a shop in our Estate,
Hope to see you soon.
For further information or assistance please contact:
The Mall Street Mng
beethros Karas

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Established since 2007, this is ...

by Nicky Hausner, December 03rd, 2012

Established since 2007, this is one of the best places to shop in Second Life. This huge mall counts with 16 mains shops and 2 mega stores where you can get the creations of the best second life designers with safety. You will find anything you need, from women and male ...

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Mall Street features shops containing ...

by Marteena Gloom, November 30th, 2012

Mall Street features shops containing clothing and art pieces created by up and coming designers as well as resellers. I was intrigued, not only by the large variety of clothing on display but also by the uniqueness of the designs. Even the resellers didn't have the "typical" clothing that resellers usually ...

The mall is pretty big. ...

by Rain Rappaport, November 21st, 2012

The mall is pretty big. Not much lag here. Lots of different types of stuff around. Clothing, accessories, toys, and adult toys. Furniture, lots of freebies around in some stores. Depending on what your looking for in the mall, most stores have great prices for their stuff. Lots of clothing stores, ...

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