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Full immersive European Historic Roleplay Sim
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DEE (199,80,31)

- Entertainment / In-World Games / Role playing

MetaBiz Reviews of Isle Of Dee

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The moment you arrive on ...

by CW Washborne, December 17th, 2012

The moment you arrive on the Isle of Dee you become immersed into the past. From the scenery to the music, everything is in true keeping with the sim's aim. Everything has been very carefully thought out. In the arrival area there is everything you could need to be an active ...

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A mysterious place located somewhere ...

by Myuss Resident, November 26th, 2012

A mysterious place located somewhere into the legendary Celtic Sea, Isle of Dee's theme embodies that of an fifteen century AD Tudor Age fortress. Thought the origins of this place are impossible to be established, one thing is certain: behind its walls there will not be encountered the tensioned atmosphere specific ...

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Throughout the history of human ...

by yukoadam Resident, October 01st, 2012

Throughout the history of human civilization, consisting of various ages, no time like the story of a BC the Roman imperial nation that virtually rule the whole world, there is full of medieval romance stories such as the story of a gallant knight wearing shiny armor with horse war to rescue ...

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