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StreetWalkerz is your next step in footwear. We make boots and shoes for men and women. New designs added all the time. We will do our best to custom color match a pair just for you too. Soon to be SL hottest new store. Come see for yourself.

Second Life address:
Devotion (35,61,23)

- Appearance and Personalities / Clothes

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StreetWalkerz Shoes and Roos is ...

by Annelise001Grace Resident, October 23rd, 2012

StreetWalkerz Shoes and Roos is located at this huge place named Devotion. It's a very big store of boots for both men and women. The store is well-assorted and has very nice interior decorations. Once you are teleported to the store, at your front are the shoes and boots, inside the ...

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StreetWalkerz The Next Step in ...

by Sabertooth Silverblade, September 27th, 2012

StreetWalkerz The Next Step in Footwear has lots to choose from. If you like Meeroos, there are plenty of limited edition Meeroos to buy. They are right outside the shop. The price is a great deal at L$299, these cute little creatures have the stats provided below, that makes it a ...

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There is always that key ...

by FeralSkye Resident, September 26th, 2012

There is always that key element to every outfit, that one item which will complete it. Whether you are going for a look of elegance, or dressing for a casual afternoon, nothing brings out the totality of your look like the proper footwear. Knowing this, you may be asking yourself if ...

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