Rise Star Gaming Association
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Rise Star Gaming Association came to Second Life with one goal.
To bring landowners and players together to create a larger gaming community within Second Life, and it all started with the Star Hunting system which came out 1 month ago.
Its simple, players use a HUD to get locations where they can find items that will pay them small increments of money. Owners put these items out at their places and fill them with money for players to find. Players earn real Lindens and collect Star Points and owners get regular traffic, but more importantly real visitors, to their places.
Star Hunting is great for owners because youll always have a steady stream of visitors to your places.
Once a player finds an item they must wait a brief amount of time before they can collect it. During this time they can look around at your products or services. Theres no limit to how many items you can put out so put some where you have things you want people to see.
Hiding your more valuable items wisely will get people to come back more often. Since our items use randomized spawn times players will be stopping in at all times of day to check for newly spawned items!
The Star Hunt Owners package is available in four editions (65%, 50%, 25%, and 10%), each with its own fee amount. You can upgrade at any time later through the menu of any of your items. Pay only the difference when upgrading!
We also provide one of the most expansive customer service, currently with 9 staff members, who are all aimed to make sure your experience is a good one with our gaming community.

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I've been playing Rise Star ...

by showstopperladytothian Resident, March 24th, 2013

I've been playing Rise Star Gaming for a couple months now, and I have to say that I've enjoyed it more than any other way to earn L$. I've earned more L$ a lot faster playing Rise. All that's needed is to get the HUD, go to a Rise Star Gaming ...

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While walking around I began ...

by chole Michalski, December 10th, 2012

While walking around I began to click the little shields to earn money. I found it addicting and it is much like the coin collection. It's easy and effective. The set up of the place is very nice and I will definitely be visiting again. I wish I had known of ...

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