Session's Enterprises
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Now at Pineland a showcase of different brand's and concept's. Try out our freebies Xploder.
Earn Lindes at Reel Wild Games and contest board.
Visit the market with Mix stuff really cool, since 4L.
-Ad Space Avaliable-
-Eldex, Moneyservers and Earn2Life ATM-
Besides shopping @Sessions objective is to have a place to hang out and socialize.
Newbies friendly!!! once upon a time all of us were a newbie, and the difference of the avatares that stayed in SL, and evolve, created or just hang out was the ones that had more experienced avatares that helped with normal troubleshooting.

Reviews of Session's Enterprises

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Session's Enterprises is a mixture ...

by jpetrov Resident

Session's Enterprises is a mixture of different shops, brands, concepts and activities. You can go along to go shopping. You can buy some great stuff at Session's Enterprises. You can buy clothes, makeup and fashion accessories. The stores here have all the best and latest fashion. Everyone loves freebies and Session's ...

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Upon arrival to the Land, ...

by DaughterOfSatan Resident

Upon arrival to the Land, first thing that one notices are the gaming machines, as well as the shopping area in distance, so one can only conclude that this land is not just a gaming are, but that it is also a shopping area, in case you are looking for apparel, ...

As their motto says "Session's ...

by Albe Watanabe

As their motto says "Session's Enterprises is more than a store”. In fact, you can find here various kind of entertainment in order to satisfy all your needs. If you like shopping, you will find many vendors with products of various types as male clothes and women dresses, shapes, skins and ...

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