KR Rental Property
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Our ambition is to provide rental solutions for your SL needs, be it home, business, events or even simple things like a building platform or extra prims for your current location.
Personalized service tailored to your needs is what we enjoy the most!
We also offer low cost advertising space!

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Second Life offers a great ...

by raktul Resident, August 11th, 2012

Second Life offers a great life on the visual world. And one of the must of's this life like the Real Life, you need a home for yourself. KR Rental Property offers amazing households, gadgets, advertisement boards and lots of other incredible stuff. I have been checking out the SL for ...

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KR Rental Property is a ...

by jpetrov Resident, August 11th, 2012

KR Rental Property is a top rental company. Do you need to rent a house to live in? Want to rent out somewhere to host a party or get together? Need to rent a few prims for your new home? KR Rental Property provide you with those must have things to ...

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