Dragons Gaming Inc
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Warm welcome, if youre looking for land to rent or looking for hotel room then try us. With prices that have to be seen to be believe.
Looking to listen to live DJs or the radio, or even rent the entire club for an event. Try our new state of the art nightclub.
Shop till you drop, then try our two malls very large area. From renting a shop, or looking around for place to chat or shop, then try this.
Our games room is upcoming the whole area is being done daily with many new additions.
We also hire staff from DJs to support staff check our applications in our club.
We proud ourselves on trying our best, from the little to the big.
Customer support is avail from email to live chat, if you cant find a staff member within 45 minutes. Send in game suggestion from our box in the club, tell us what time you arrived, and how long you waited to find our staff.
You could win a prize just for doing that, We try to improve our customer support with your feedback.

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There are many places to ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, October 13th, 2012

There are many places to do your shopping and hunting for those must have fashions. With all the options out there you can get into a moment of wondering where to go. I happened to visit Dragons Gaming Inc which isn't just about gaming, you can do your shopping or set ...

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Dragons brand represents a new ...

by Murdoc23 Resident, July 26th, 2012

Dragons brand represents a new angle, different perspective in Second Life. There is only a few such sims with modern structure, but something we all aim to achieve. When you arrive at Dragons, you will find yourself in the teleport room, where Teleport Board is placed. From this place you can ...

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This sim is a place ...

by Ellikha Resident, July 26th, 2012

This sim is a place of great beauty. The lucky ones have already established residence here. Many locations are still available for those wishing to establish their homes in this lovely setting. In the center of the area is a huge shopping mall. Facing this building, you can rent a single-commerce ...

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There are some business owners ...

by FeralSkye Resident, July 15th, 2012

There are some business owners in Second Life who are interested in having a convenient location, perhaps even having an apartment within the same area. In fact, it might further interest you to know you can also partake in some fun and exciting entertainment at the same place! Dragons Gaming Incorporated ...

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