Great Magic Shop
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The GREAT MAGIC SHOW will enchant you
Incredible magic illusions up close
Forget the everyday life for a short time and experience the magic
Mace and Maja look forward to seeing you.
Club Owner can order the show
Contact: Mace Brune
We build the best magic illusions in SL ;-)

MetaBiz Reviews of Great Magic Shop

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At Great Magic Shop, you ...

by Mandie Zobovic, September 05th, 2012

At Great Magic Shop, you will find one of the best Magic Illusions made in Second Life. At CandleWood Estates, you will find a big modern shop, which after entering, if you look off to your left, you will find on the wall after the turn, the owners of the shop, ...

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Magic is way of entertainment ...

by ChicoM626 Resident, July 20th, 2012

Magic is way of entertainment that exists in videogames, movies, novels, Television shows and now in Second Life. If you like magic and you wish you were to be a great magician, Great Magic Shop is your window to learn secret of magic. The entrance door of this shop is interesting ...

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The Great Magic Shop will ...

by Sol Nagy, July 10th, 2012

The Great Magic Shop will offer you a complete range and in-house special events and shows. Information on Magic with the most interesting people in the Great Magic Shop in Second life, specialists in this field, that cover a complete spectrum of the art, from the fantasies of the famous to ...

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