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Second Ads brings people together and provides solutions to everyday problems in Second Life through our advanced technology.
We're focused on improving Second Life by enabling businesses and encouraging new players through earning programs.
We offer a number of hugely popular earning games that you can use to increase your traffic. This includes the Fish Hunt and Gold Hunt, with a monthly active user base of over 30, 000 players. Read our marketplace listings to learn more:
Hold massive events and bring 100s of avatars to your land!
Our grid-wide pay-per-click adboard network is by far the largest in Second Life. For a starting budget of 1000L$ you can transmit your advertising campaign grid-wide and pay only for clicks.
Unlike other networks out there our system is fully secure from click fraud which means you never have to worry about losing your money.
If you're new to Second Life you can really benefit from taking part in our earning games such as the Fish Hunt where you travel around fishing for linden dollars. You can also take part in the Gold Hunt where you can discover hidden coins worth linden dollars. Visit our website and get our player huds to get started
One way to earn linden in Second Life is to get a job. We run one of the most popular jobs agencies in SL, known as JobsFox. Come visit us and speak to one of the managers there

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The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Having a business or service ...

by FeralSkye Resident, September 29th, 2012

Having a business or service in Second Life is really just one step towards establishing a commodity within the virtual world community. It is important to take every advantage available to growing your business. Perhaps no tool will be more invaluable to this goal, then by choosing the proper means by ...

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SecondAds can offer you the ...

by jpetrov Resident, August 14th, 2012

SecondAds can offer you the opportunity to increase business and earn money through advertising. Advertising is key to persuading people to buy your products or use your business. It is universally acknowledged that a good advertising strategy can be the difference between success and failure. SecondAds can give you ad boards ...

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The most important and one ...

by raktul Resident, August 14th, 2012

The most important and one of the funniest of Second Life is working if you can find the suitable job for yourself. And to be honest, working at Second Life is harder than working in Real Life in my opinion. Because, to be successful in this large world, you need proper ...

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