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Club 13 is a large night club located on Tiger Rose Island. Featuring various themed nights throughout the week and with a main focus on Goth/Industrial/EBM, we strive to provide a unique experience to each of our customers and offer them a place to call home.
Theme Schedule:
Sunday: Goth/Industrial/EBM
Monday: Goth/Industrial/ EBM
Tuesday: Masquerade: Dig out your favorite costume, or come as you are!
Wednesday: Furry Fantasy: Looking for a Furry friendly hangout? Drop by, bring a friend and come shake your tail!
Thursday: Fetish Night: Break out your riding crops and latex boots, it's time to discipline those naughty subs and remind them who's boss.
Friday: Goth/Industrial/EBM
Saturday: Neko Night: That's right Neko's, find your favorite tail and ears and come mingle!
Not sure what to wear, tired of the normal wardrobe or maybe that jerk next to you is wearing the same thing? We've got you covered with vendors for each night! Check out our vendor wall for all of your themed needs.

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Located at Tiger Rose Island, ...

by Mandie Zobovic, September 13th, 2012

Located at Tiger Rose Island, at the South end of the sim lays the Club 13. It is not like any other club you've been to, with them bring a unique club experience to the music scene, offering various different themed nights throughout the weeks to provide an experience like no ...

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Club 13 is a themed ...

by Nicky Hausner, July 16th, 2012

Club 13 is a themed fantasy club which offers you the possibility to meet new people, dance the night away or just listen to some good tunes. All kind of fantasy avatars (such as furry, nekos, fairy, mermaids, vampires, wolfs, etc.) are welcome. Besides, you can participate in one of them ...

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During Club 13's Late-Friday-Night event ...

by Grace Jovinavic, June 19th, 2012

During Club 13's Late-Friday-Night event I visited the club. Lady Bri was the DJ and Amena Raven Black was hosting. This seems to be a perfect combination of DJ and host because the chat was active and fun. Dragging people into the club instantly. The music genre that was played was ...

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