Synner Haven Mall and club
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We are sim based business, who invest all profits into the Sim and its clients. ie:VIp list and Shoppers. We have a club and a beautiful Sim. Planetariums aquariums. We have something for everyone. Adult based Bdsm/ networking.
Group 0f over 1300 and fast growing.
Skins Shoes Boots and lingerie and clothes. Motorbikes all family based Business
Stores 80 prims 100l weekly. Rentals on the best landscaped sim in SL

MetaBiz Reviews of Synner Haven Mall and club

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This is the ultimate place ...

by Nicky Hausner, September 06th, 2012

This is the ultimate place to dance and have fun in Second Life. A place to relax, let your hair down and get the chance to meet interesting people in a very fun, friendly and adult environment. You will find everything you need: many couples and solo dances, pole dancing, contests, ...

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This sim is amazing. Lots ...

by LeannaLynn2012 Resident, June 19th, 2012

This sim is amazing. Lots to do here. There is a mall with lots of different outfits, skins, footwear, freebies and costumes you can buy and all for decent prices. This sim also has a club. A adult club with dance poles, contest board, couples dances, singles dances and even has ...

is a fun club I ...

by alexapreciosa Miami, May 09th, 2012

is a fun club I liked the music, the people are friendly, staff concerned about customers, pole dance to bleat, interesting pictures, the scenery and the colors seemed appropriate, board has a contest to make contests ,I find it interesting the way you interact with customers I received kind treatment from ...

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