Greedy Bastards
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Greedy Bastards is the most unique gaming club in Second Life. Hosted in a spectacular half dome, and hosted 24/7 by the warmest and friendliest staff, Greedy Bastards is a place worth visiting to hang out, and have a laugh.
There are plenty of ways to win money, with contests, tournaments and instant pay games. There are also free-play games, where you can win linden dollars for free.
The best way to find out about us is to drop by, and say hi.
Come play. You might just get lucky!

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Awesome gaming place, there are ...

by Sabertooth Silverblade, April 08th, 2012

Awesome gaming place, there are many games to choose from, but the nice thing is that it really is a social gaming community. The first thing you see as you walk through the doors is a big sign that says L$50,000 tournament qualifiers, so the more wins you have the more ...

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