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Blue Diamond Virtual Reit is a skybox rentals company, having more than three years of operating experience in the Second Life rental market. Our main operating field is renting out skyboxes. We have different styles of skyboxes available and also in various price levels aspiring to serve clients with a wide range of needs. Our main focus is on residential rentals but we do aspire to provide also conference/meeting room rentals to our customers.
As additional sources of revenue the company is also offering a small business space to rent out on it's premises in the Perelman region and some other amenities that are correspondent within our main building (renting out ad-boards, offering the Zyngo games to our visitors and other similar products).
The current Board of Directors has also set forth a direction to establish a secondary source of revenue for the company from dividend paying companies within Second Life. This is to be achieved via investing 60% of the companies profits into other SL stock market companies that provide a regular dividend.

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Looking for houses to rent ...

by Lillianna Lionheart, September 12th, 2012

Looking for houses to rent in real life can be quite stressful; but hunting for lodging on Second Life is exciting and fun! BDVR Dream World; also known as Blue diamond virtual Reit provides sky boxes for rent that are, well, out of this world! Second lifers looking for a bargain, ...

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Being without a home in ...

by QueenAbrams Resident, August 03rd, 2012

Being without a home in Second Life isn't fun and it's really not fun when you don't have the income generating to pay weekly rent. Blue Diamond Virtual Reit offers affordable housing you can pay weekly or for a larger amount of time as your budget allows. When you have a ...

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In real life or in ...

by Kerby Lusch, April 01st, 2012

In real life or in Second Life, we all like to have a place to hang our hat. In Second Life there is the added need of a location to rez objects and change clothes. If you’re still looking for a place to landmark as home it might be time to ...

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