Elba Dowununder Forest
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This is a wonderfull forest with homes to rent and many things to see and do. Come by have some fun with the animals and sounds.
We have birs to watch, gondola and horsen buggy to ride and much more!

Second Life address:
Lie (96,250,22)

- Land services / Residential rental

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Elba Downunder Forest is a ...

by Quarantadue Resident, June 19th, 2012

Elba Downunder Forest is a relaxing and quiet place to have a romantic evening, or a fun one. Here you'll find a beautifully designed marine environment, both on the ground and underwater, cute animals to pet and play with, plenty of dancing and meditating poseballs, and even a little cocktail bar ...

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When I first arrived at ...

by Shangreloo Kuhn, May 04th, 2012

When I first arrived at the Elba Downunder Forest, I was greeting by a couple of natives.. a pride of lions and a wolf! Fortunately, these were friendly natives, and they let me go on my way. I turned away from the lions, toward the wolf, to stroll down the pathway ...

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In this lovely place you ...

by yomisma aura, April 15th, 2012

In this lovely place you will find many funny and wonderful things to do, like relaxing on the beach, lying on a hammock, riding a balloon or enjoying fishing. Besides, if you are brave, you take the risk of walking very close to some lions, isnít it great? Get some boxes ...

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