KT Rentals
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At KT Rentals we are here to give you a nice quiet place to enjoy SL.
Many of the things we have to offer:
We have 5 areas of rentals: from 150L/week and up.
Skyboxes with 100 prims 150L/wk
Garden Homes with 300 prim 450L/wk
Waterfront Estates with 400 prims 900L/wk
Beachfront lots with 950 prims 1200:/week
Moutnain top flat lot 2200 prims for 2000L/week

All homes come with locking doors, tint windows and radios and security.
Amenities: Tropical landscaping and house that does not count against your prims
Beautiful sunrises
Nicely wooded areas
Tikis to relax in with intan dance systems and radios
Swimming pool
Docks to rez your own watercraft
Bordered by Linden water and Linden road
Beach with lounge area
Great cuddle areas like a camfire and lounges

All you need to bring is your furniture. We are very easy to contact and work with. If you have any questions please IM or drop a notecard to Kaiya Clawtooth or Ty Voss.

MetaBiz Reviews of KT Rentals

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Welcome to KT Rentals, a ...

by Rayzorf Resident, September 12th, 2012

Welcome to KT Rentals, a great place to live in Second Life where they have it all in just a few meters. Here you can rent all kinds of things and with a wonderful decorations on the island such as stone waterfalls, wooden bridges, a dock for your boats or jet ...

Resident's screenshots:

Very interesting houses to rent, ...

by Diegho Yarrowroot, April 25th, 2012

Very interesting houses to rent, such as pleasant sky boxes with a cozy touch - but without losing its modern look. Houses have impressive large windows, keeping rooms filled with light and giving them a comfortable sense of open space. The windows also mix very well with the wood textures. Houses ...

Resident's screenshots:

A exceptionally nice arranged place, ...

by TheONE Titanium, February 11th, 2012

A exceptionally nice arranged place, quiet, just the relaxing waterfalls hum disturbs it's quietness. Swimming pools, a really nice view... A truly fairytale's place, where everybody would to live and work. Everything set up here is made with a good taste. I definitely recommend this place to everybody.

Resident's screenshots:

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