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Nipple rings, nipple chains, clit rings, tattoos, brands, latex, lingerie, and sexy clothing of all kinds. Gaea Designs wants you to look your sexiest! Custom tattoos, brands, nipple and clit rings available.
My policy is that I want you to be satisfied, so customer service is highly important to me. The buck stops here =>Anais Gaea. Contact me directly with any issue you might have.

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Gaea Designs hosts a wide ...

by Zatasha Zabaleta, September 11th, 2012

Gaea Designs hosts a wide range of clothing and body piercings. The store is large and very well organized, with products listed under large signs. There are also gift vendors and fatpacks available at the landing on the stairs. Most of the clothing made by Gaea is lingerie or latex, with ...

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Who wants to look sexy ...

by paradossale Bellic, April 27th, 2012

Who wants to look sexy and attractive? I think we all love it, we love those little details that make special and unique our avatar. Gaea Designs will help you to make you sensuous, so you can play with the noble art of seduction. This shop is contained everything needed for ...

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Some say that sex is ...

by Sheeana Seetan, March 16th, 2012

Some say that sex is very important part of life, no less important than how we look. If you think so, Gaea Design is just for you. You will find here tons of private parts accessories, from piercing to nipples. If that is not enough to make you body look sexy, ...

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