AD Creations by Aliza Karu
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I signed up to SL at the end of May 2008 and I started making clothes in October of that year, prompted by the desire to achieve something that I really liked, something that (as in RL) reflects my mood.
Mood not necessarily black, but dark and mysterious, sometimes incomprehensible as it is a landscape immersed into darkness.
Many people, seeing clothes weared by myself, they have begun to wonder where did I bought them becasue they wanted to buy them too.
So I started to sell the few things I did in a small shop on a small piece of land that we had in a Mainland. Very small, in fact.
With the help of CSW, our group, we then bought a SIM, the CSW Island, then I started to have a bigger main store, all mine, connected to the RPG we made, AngelsDemons.
I never rented other stores by my own choice, I never wanted to “spam” what I do, because my clothes are something emotional, which mainly do it for me.
Those who wear my clothes, they’re wearing a mood, a feeling, a fear, a desire, a passion, an anger of me.
And feelings aren’t usually showed so easily to others, usually.

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This shop is amazing! You ...

by Azeala Mumfuzz, May 11th, 2012

This shop is amazing! You literally step into a huge house! And I don't mean huge as in large, but huge as in super-sized! You literally feel like a mouse running through the store since the furniture is so large! The whole place has a dark feel to it, which does ...

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In here you can feel ...

by JohnGeorgeCooper Resident, April 14th, 2012

In here you can feel the dark atmosphere. It's a scary place; everywhere you look there are dolls. They are lying on the floor, they are everywhere. When you come here at CSW Island you can go to the store of Aliza Karu. The company of Aliza Karu is called AD ...

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Here's a place where fantasy ...

by Imogen Blinker, April 12th, 2012

Here's a place where fantasy rules and where you will feel like Alice in Wonderland, because the store is built as a house but much bigger than normal. The gothic and dark atmosphere, the huge furniture, the extreme attention to details make of AD Creations by Aliza Karu one of the ...

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The store AD Creations is ...

by Melodyrose Decuir, March 11th, 2012

The store AD Creations is an artwork on it self. For who is interested in Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy, Doll clothes, etc.. Then this shop is right for you it will have everything you love. AD Creations even have one collection of Emilie Autumn. The textures are glamorous and are high quality. ...

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