Hearts Dezire Maternity Clinic
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Hearts Dezire Maternity Clinic caters to the needs of all , a realistic Materniity Clinic that provides Clinic packages as well as individual pricing .We have Natural Birth, Water birth, ,Ultrasound, Mama Allpa products,Pooterbilt MAMA HUD ,DADDY HUD'S, BLOOD TESTS, BRESTFEEDING HUD, MAMA ALLPA MALE & FEMALE ,ASK ABOUT THE OTHER MAMA ALLAP PRODUCTS WE HAVE , KIANTA AO'S AND TUMMY'S .

Second Life address:
Scimitar (30,115,39)

- Services / Child care

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Who doesn't want to have ...

by Sheeana Seetan, April 25th, 2012

Who doesn't want to have kids. Those little cuties that call you mommy or daddy, who depend on you, love you, make you smile. Well, maybe sometimes it hard time raising them, but still, it is something in your genes. Right now, you can make your dream of having kids come ...

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The business offers many things ...

by Mandie Zobovic, April 20th, 2012

The business offers many things such as Mama Alpha HUD (Woman and Man HUD), Bracelets, Breast Feeding HUD, and many more. The layout of the business is nice and open, has a front desk with information, showing the owners information to contact if you have any questions. They offer amazing Tummy ...

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Who among us has not ...

by paradossale Bellic, April 03rd, 2012

Who among us has not wanted to live in second life the best moments for a pair of lovers? One of the most beautiful moments of our lives, it is the birth of it. The desire of the arrival of a child in us, the course of a pregnancy, excitement and ...

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