Black Rose Estates
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Contact Tenaja Ansar for more details or to view any available lots. Information can also be found in the vendor located in our office.
Pricing Policy:
Lots sell for the buying price of the land itself (which is generally L$1) + 1 weeks worth of tier. Payments are based on weekly rate. You may pay up to 1 full month (~15 weeks) in advance. Tier prices are as follows:
Payments are based on weekly rate.
You may pay up to 15 weeks in advance.
~ 4, 096 m2 lot (937 prims) L$1, 400 per week, L$5, 600 per month
~ 8, 192 m2 lot (1875 prims) L$2, 750 per week, L$11, 000 per month
~ 16, 384 m2 lot (3750 prims) L$5, 500 per week, L$22, 000 per month
~ 32, 768 m2 lot (7500 prims) L$10, 800 per week, L$43, 200 per month
~ Full Sim (15, 000 prims) L$21, 250 per week, L$85, 000 per month
We offer the absolute best in customer service and do our very best to show our residents that they are valued and appreciated, while at the same time offering privacy and space.
Once again, we would like to thank you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon. Please feel free to contact us for more information. =) Have a great day!
~ Tenaja Ansar ~

Reviews of Black Rose Estates

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

On first visit I noticed ...

by LeviathanPrim Resident

On first visit I noticed that the sim was well presented I was very drawn to the central hub were the estate presentations are. I was very shocked to see that the prices were very good, it was not hard at all to gain all information that I needed to help ...

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It is a dream to ...

by CandyBarker Resident

It is a dream to live in a beautiful house or open business at popular locations in Second Life. BlackRose Estates is a promising company that believes in commitment and customer satisfaction in Second Life. Its a brand name that has become popular in Second Life. BlackRose Estates offers two beautiful ...

Resident's screenshots:

All of us are so ...

by lollipuff Resident

All of us are so into making Second Life a reality. Every little thing and details we do in real life should be also done in Second Life. Just like the clothes, houses, cars, nature, environment and so much more at a reasonable price but still has an award winning details. ...

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