Kiki No.18
second life business card

Avatars & fashion store.
It 's looks so CUTE & KAWAII style.
or MIX UP with MANGA style, It's From Akiba Tokyo JAPAN.
Let's make New moe-girl style.

we have 2 type avater, Normal one and Unreal one.
about Normal avater: we have cosplay set, eyes, Accessories and clothes.
about Unreal avater:we have Unreal_avatar, eyes, hairs and clothes.

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You don’t go to Second ...

by Sol Nagy, September 16th, 2012

You don’t go to Second life to just be the ‘same old you’ – the virtual word gives you the chance to project yourself larger than life. So why not grab it? And a vital part of living a different character on manga, you can be a Japanese comic unique and ...

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Kiki No. 18 is a ...

by Zen Gearz, July 19th, 2012

Kiki No. 18 is a very cute little store that stands out from it's surroundings. The outside has a very unique look, sitting somewhere between a modern and si-fi theme. When you face the main entrance you are greeted with too options, walking straight into the store or walking down some ...

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Adorable, cute, so kawaii (cute ...

by Imogen Blinker, May 03rd, 2012

Adorable, cute, so kawaii (cute in Japanese), this is the little world of Kiki No.18, a great shop that has everything you desire for an avatar that resembles that cute, childish look so popular nowadays. The shop is quite big, in a modern building that deserves to be wholly visited, full ...

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