IM Group Inc.
second life business card

1. We sell and buy linden dollars
2. We sell and rent lands, platforms, skyboxes
3. We sell clothers, skins, sex toys
4. We Make advertising service
5. I make fireworks show)) And can write words in skye by them)
6. I can establish official Lindens Selling terminals on your land!
7. If you have club i can establish deal machine, contest board for voting for profile pics for money for free!
8. I can promote your business (your banner and LM) on my ad boards on my land, and on other plase for free
9. If you have good business idea, Im me)

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IM Group Inc. offers many ...

by ZoeyPenelope Resident, December 30th, 2012

IM Group Inc. offers many different services. On the first floor the first thing that I noticed were a bunch of ad boards. This is very useful for anyone that is trying to get their business off the ground, especially with the boards being placed right at or near the landing ...

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To start off, the way ...

by DaDillsta Canonmill, August 21st, 2012

To start off, the way the atmosphere is done is basically spot on to what I would consider a good way to run a business like this, you don't feel cluttered and the business contains plenty of different boards for various advertising. Lots of cool different categories that you can view ...

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Upon teleporting in to IM ...

by Aidan Rosenberg, July 31st, 2012

Upon teleporting in to IM Group Inc in Scrafito you’re left feeling like you’ve entered a newly created place with very little interest in keeping a structure or any form of organization. The room is very dull and quite lacking in any decoration, which does leave you feeling very unwelcome there. ...

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