Luskwood - furry avatars
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We are Second Lifes longest-running community and avatar creators.

A social , chat and hangout area in a wooded park setting; Run by furries - but NOT furry only! ANYONE is welcome!

Along with avatar and cloth\acessories vendors there are social meeting area, gaming, chat, art and music events. Also possible rent resident parcels in return of land tier donation to group.

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Furries are anthropomorphic animals but ...

by Sol Nagy, October 21st, 2012

Furries are anthropomorphic animals but if you are not a furry you can visit this marvelous place and enjoy the colors and the nice and funny people that they are great, giving you the welcome. If you're a fan, are in the community, and consider yourself a life-styler, this is for ...

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Luskwood is an old standby ...

by Zatasha Zabaleta, October 04th, 2012

Luskwood is an old standby for great avatars, and has become nearly synonymous with the furry scene in Second Life. I find myself returning to it every few years, and am still just as enchanted with the art styles of the avatars and the breathtaking decor. That's without even acknowledging the ...

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As you probably know Second ...

by Dexterian Galicia, September 24th, 2012

As you probably know Second Life offers you ability to become a furry. You tried the basic avatars, but you want something that suits you better. There is a place, that are within Second Life from the beginning in 2003. It called LuskWood. There are the best quality furry avatars in ...

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