Ocean View Gamers
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If you are looking for fun and excitement in a gaming sim, well look no further --Ocean View Gamers is the place to be. Well established in SL since 2008, we are a family oriented sim with great 24/7 customer support. We offer a variety of the newest and exciting games in SL such as Reel Wild Progressive (RWP), Lightning Gemz, Enchanted, Stomp the Fox, No Devil and many many more along with Super Byngo and Greedy on three gorgeous island setting sims. If you are new to SL and do not have lindens to play games, we have a section just for you. We have several of the popular games where you can come and get your feet wet without spending any lindens.
To sweeten the pot, Ocean View prides itself on having a great replay system. There are multiple ways you can win replay credits just by simply playing the games. We also have a Reward System for those different tier groups (determined by the number of lindens you spend), where you can win even more lindens.
Do you like to play in tournaments? At Ocean View, we have Multi-player Greedy and Super Byngo. Weekly tournaments for both games as well as other weekly jackpots. In addition to the weekly Greedy Tournament, OVG has a weekly top 23 Scores weekly Tournament where you can win even more lindens. Daily, we have best of Contests where more lindens can be won - the old saying goes, you can have your cake and eat it too.
Customer Service - Our customers are #1. We offer the finest customer service in SL. We are attentive to your needs and want you to leave here happy. If you do have a problem, we offer different ways to contact our managers and the owners. You can either contact through the Ocean View Gamers Group or IM OVGManager Resident and it will page all of the managers so your needs can be handled promptly
Hosts - We are hiring hosts for Super Byngo and Greedy - hourly pay plus 100% tips as well as weekly bonuses. If you like to have fun and meet new people while making some lindens, hosting could be your answer. For more information IM Pam Fromund or click on the board near the greedy table for an application.
Be sure to check out Ocean View Gamers where our players and employees are family!

We have 3 sims! Check them out!:

http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Ocean%20View%20Gamers/68/192/24/
http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Ocean%20View%20Gamers2/113/4/23/
http://maps. secondlife. com/secondlife/Ocean%20View%20Gamers3/128/123/24/

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