Innovation Rentals
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Highquality skyboxs for rent, no expenses spared in furniture, featuring only the best and at an extremely lowcost, our cheapest skyboxes are only 80 l/wk fully furnitured.

Partnered with Innovation Design who creates and sells all our furniture that we use in our skyboxes, come see what the fuss is all about at our mainstore and rentaloffice.

Second Life address:
Ontario (206,109,57)

- Land services / Residential rental

Reviews of Innovation Rentals

The following reviews has been written by Second Life residents:

Innovation Rentals offers rent of ...

by Saltiveratia Resident

Innovation Rentals offers rent of skyboxes for price, that cheaper by comparison with most lessors. At the entrance at office conveniently located guest board, with details of how to invite guests in group on a rented lot. You can find information stands with lots that can be rented inside the office. ...

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Innovation rentals features some high ...

by Marteena Gloom

Innovation rentals features some high quality and stylish sky boxes. When I first entered the store's main front I was quite taken aback by the simplicity of it all. Everything was totally accessible from chatting with customer service to actually teleporting to the skybox that has captured your interest. There are ...

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Innovation Rentals is a great ...

by michaelwinstar Resident

Innovation Rentals is a great place for excellent, affordable homes. There are several different options for choosing your new sky-box. You can rent a single room or one with both an upstairs and downstairs. If you want to create your own home you have the option of renting space to create ...