Cocan Rois Estates
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All properties are both lakefront and have private beaches behind. Sail or row the waterways, from the large single lake of Cocan Rois to the double lakes of Fiain Rois. All properties are landscaped, with houses provided, or you can change to your own. Properties range from Renaissance to pre-Victorian, with some tree houses, and Fairy-tale cottages.

The land price is your first week of tier/rent, no actual purchase cost of land.

Secure and private.

Residents have full land control.

Intan remote on each property for couples dances.

7 Seas fishing on each island.

Second Life address:
cocan rois (205,82,21)

- Land services / Residential rental

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Whether you're looking for a ...

by Sol Nagy, September 16th, 2012

Whether you're looking for a quick and easy way to find a home or just casually look into homes for sale in Second life, you've come to the right place. Find Homes for Sale and Homes for Rent in Cocan Rois Estates you can take a look at nice properties to ...

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In Second Life there are ...

by paradossale Bellic, July 12th, 2012

In Second Life there are many place where you can rent a house, a special place where you want reside. A very beautiful place where you can do it, is "Cocan Rois Estates", adult residential island, very quiet and charming. Arriving on this island, you will be in an office. Here ...

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Cocan Rois, a place for ...

by yomisma aura, March 06th, 2012

Cocan Rois, a place for you to rent and buy sky boxes and lands. Economical sky boxes, which are furnished and have love menus; just 200L per week and 50 prims for you to rezz. If you prefer a nature environment, more relaxed and excellent views, you can also buy lands ...

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