Studio 777
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STUDIO 777 is a new high energy Dance Club and Gaming Resort featuring hundreds of world-class skill based games including Aargle Zymurgy's Zyngo, Jaded Sticker Kickers, JadBallz Kickers, Bandido Boothill, Bongo, Roll 'm High, Stike 'm Out, Smash Out, 7Seven, Draw 'em Out, Big Baller, Cops & Robbers, Greedy and 3K's King Bing and No Devil.

Luxury apartments, shopping, nightlife, live concerts and gaming bring Las Vegas and Macau to you. Join our sexy dancers, hot DJ's, and friendly team, and win Jackpots, contests, Linden L$ cash and prizes!

Come meet new friends and win at STUDIO 777!

STUDIO 777 is Copyright Studio 777 Partners. All rights reserved. All Trademarks, Product Data, Logos, etc, including those of Linden Lab and Second Life are the property of their respective Companies. STUDIO 777 is proud to be equal opportunity and welcomes all applicants.

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The moment you land into ...

by Sabertooth Silverblade, September 16th, 2012

The moment you land into Studio 777, you are behind a big volcano, if you turn around, there is a sign that you can touch to receive an application. They are accepting applications for dynamic and talented individuals. If you want to get on their mailing list, just click the sign ...

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Studio 777 is one of ...

by XxMixedEmotionxX Resident, June 25th, 2012

Studio 777 is one of the good gaming places in second life. If you are the gamer type; then this Studio 777 would be perfect for you. You can tell from the number of visitors that Studio 777 is a good place to play some games. Honestly I don't blame them ...

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Just teleported to "Studio 777" ...

by Albe Watanabe, March 18th, 2012

Just teleported to "Studio 777" you are greeted by a big board that says: Over L$ 50,000,000 won. Wow, not so bad to start in this way. Going around the landing spot, you can immediately notice a large mall with several small shops where you can buy every kind of items. ...

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