Club Carnage
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Club Carnage has thrived since 2005 in a market where clubs are here today, gone tomorrow. A committed and professional management team and staff keep the club crowded, entertained and returning time after time.
Guests enjoy dancing; live DJs, games, events, contests and sploders during at least 6 events per day. Everyday.
Typically traffic is over 20, 000.
CEO of CCI Estates Caemlyn Witherspoon has been in game since 2006 and is widely recognized throughout second life for her success with Club Carnage.
Club Carnage supports a staff of over 100 and a VIP list approaching 8, 000.
We are a club that is friendly to newbies as well as those that have been around a while and everyone is welcome!

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This is the hottest place ...

by Nicky Hausner, September 05th, 2012

This is the hottest place to dance and have fun in Second Life. Established since 2005, this place offers you everything you need in a very friendly environment. It is open 24 hours, the whole week and has at least six events per day. Besides, a committed and professional management and ...

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Club Carnage offers a wide ...

by brughel3 Resident, August 08th, 2012

Club Carnage offers a wide range of activities, group activities like dancing, individual activities like fishing, a range of shopping opportunities, and occasional real life music events. Club Carnage's heart is the dance floor, a large, open air floor that can accommodate a large crowd. Revelers can easily choose dances: a ...

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Club Carnage is one of ...

by paradossale Bellic, July 27th, 2012

Club Carnage is one of the first clubs that is open in the metaverse of Second Life, in fact, it was founded in 2005. Since then, this club organizes many fun events, live music, exhibition of the best DJs, games, contests and sploders and much more. It is managed by a ...

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