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Welcome to Lionheart, a realistic designed, future orientated and expanding continent of residential and commerce residents. Friendly Estate Management, assisted by a motivated and professional team, a lot of open space, and a nice neighbourhood community is what makes us different.

Enjoy your time in Second Life!
Why live on the typical boring, equal looking, square cutted islands most competitors offers, if you can live on a great, realistic real-life oriented continent which has a lot to offer? Bored at home? Use your vehicles on our streets or waterways, visit the city and go for a shopping tour or take a coffee at one of our merchant's street cafe's Smile Or spend a romantic evening with your loved one on your home's fireplace Smile Make the best out of your time in Second Life!

The Lionheart Vision

Lionheart's planning doesn't end at the next sim border. We are building a big new continent for everyone: Commerce, Residents, Friends and Explorers. Lionheart is not a collection of throwed together stand alone sims. Our sims are planned as a whole, merging seamlessly into each other, with a working infrastructure and a fading layout from one sim to each other. Our sims invite to stroll around, enjoy the vast of public space by using cars or motorbikes, or simply by taking a boat from one of the public boat rezzing points and enjoy our lakes or coastlines. Enjoy the wildlife or relax at our public beaches!

Innovative Technologies and Concepts
All Properties at Lionheart are managed by using our own, powerful system, the LEMS (Lionheart Estate Management System). LEMS is based on RL-Servers and Databases and serves our client to ease their handling of every land related task:

* Tier Payments (L$, MetaCard)*
* Flexible Tier Payments, pay as little or as much as you want
* Fully automatized and instant Parcel Swaps**
* Statement Reports
* Free Parcel Listings at our Website for all Residents
* 24h Sim Performance Monitoring
* Permanent Tier Bonus Contest for Residents of the best performing Sim
* Intranet for our Customers to manage their Landholdings and see Transaction Reports
* Due reminders sent inworld and optional per email
* Premature Contract Discontinuation Service, keeping remaining credits up to 1 Year in Readyness**
* Automatic Banline Eyesore Protection***

* = Automatic Paypal and Credit Card handling in preparation
** = See Covenant for Details
*** = System recognizes accidentially (or intentionally) set banlines, and notifies the Landowners automatically asking and explaining them how to undo these settings

We hear you
We think, communication is extremely important. Thats why we are holding every month a big townhall meeting to update our clients about upcoming features and expansion plans. Our townhall meetings are the perfect place to bring in ideas and suggestions as well as critics and praises. At Lionheart, our residents have a very important influence in our plannings.

Support you can rely on
Nothing can be more disturbing than running after someone if you need help. We know that, and for this reason we're making it very easy for you to get in touch with us. Our tier terminals do not only manage your tier payments; they're also fully enabled service units. With a single click, you get access to your service menu where you can call our online staff. Way easier than working off a list of profiles to see if someone's available.

Even if noone is online in the moment of your call, you can easily send us a support ticket so the next available person can see your inquiry and attend you.

Our support reliability is guaranteed.
For Lionheart, its not enough to make a lot of promises like others do. We warrant it! We respond to our support tickets usually within a couple of minutes/hours, but not later than within 24 hours, or you'll get a free week of tier!

Fair and intelligent Pricing.
One of our main aims is to offer our clients a stable location and a safe investment. For that reason, you'll neither find skyrocking prices nor the occasional "Cheap! Cheap!" land offers at Lionheart.

Lots of "hobby" estates survive a few months on the market and disappear again, because they planned wrong with no or poor concepts, unable to afford their sims anymore or they simply dont want to shoulder the responsibility brought by their business.
Lionheart's commitment for its clients is clear: We're here for you, now and in future!

Lionheart's prices are orientated on clear and simple ecomomic basics, able to operate with a positive balance while keeping the land permanently affordable for their clients. Additionally, we give a guarantee on our prices! Lionheart never will raise tier fee's by own intentions! If Linden Lab doesn't raise their prices, we'll keep our prices where they are.

By the way...

NO PREMIUM ACCOUNT REQUIRED TO OWN LAND WITH LIONHEART. A basic second life account is all you need. You dont owe any tier to Linden Labs if you own land with Lionheart. Lionheart is a 100% private land provider.

Visit the site to learn more about Lionheart and all our services and amenities.

How to Contact us

If you have questions before you want to buy land with us, or need someone assisting you to help you purchasing a parcel of land, we offer you the following contact options:


Please contact one of our sales representatives for sales assistance, or open our Sales Team Contact Form

* Caro Porta
* M4TT Humphreys
* Darand Fitzgerald
* Gimonia Horten
* rsd58 Congrejo

Customer Service Representatives

* DarthBunny Petrov
* Sinnamon Carter
* Xavion Saltair
* Delano Criss


* Dirk Klees

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