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I, Leia Lulu, rent and sell Commercial and Residential Zoned Islands and Mainland land in Second Life. I also sell and rent regions that are zoned Both Residential and Commercial.
I began selling and renting land in Second Life in August 2005, very shortly after getting my First Land in the corner of Garuda. Since then, I have built and developed my sl real estate business and also help develop SLRentweb, a database system that was specifically designed to help me with my land management. I use it to keep track of my tenants and parcels on island and mainland Sims. It keeps track of my Store Fronts leases by prims and my tier collection for the land owners of my Islands by area.
The system has just been recently released by Ben Fassbinder for the public to use. The system can be used for selling or renting, on mainland or islands, and for parcels or prims.
Feel free to IM me any questions about the renting or buying process.
Have a great Second Life!
Leia Lulu

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Garuda (96,53,501)

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The rentals and sims are ...

by Rain Rappaport, November 06th, 2012

The rentals and sims are great. The prices are decent, the covenants are decent, some land come without covenants as well. So if you are looking for residential or commercial land it's listed. The sims look decent, best on residential land of course with no stores or clubs to ruin the ...

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Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, ...

by Dajmond Resident, March 21st, 2012

Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Italiano, Netherlands and even Portuguese... This is the first thing you can see after teleporting here. This place perfectly helps you to find the best land for your commercial or residential use. As you could read up there, you won´t either have problems to look for "foreign-language ...

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