Web Visitors


Program specifications

"Website Visitors" program has been developed to provide visitors for your website.

The visitors come to your website from Second Life: you can be sure that all of them are real SL avatars (no bots guaranteed). Every visitor views your website for at least for 15 seconds!

Visitor uniqueness

There are two major visitors types: 100% unique and 24 hours unique.

100% unique visitors are the best choice for every website. We guarantee that you will receive new unique residents visiting your website every day.

24 hours visitors are much cheaper than 100% unique, but they provide the constant flow of visitors if your website updates every day.

Traffic control

You can limit the daily traffic to your website by setting the daily visitors limit.


Guaranteed visit time: 15 seconds

  • 24 hours unique visitors - L$2 per visitor
  • 100% unique visitors - L$10 per visitor


Owner receive the day-by-day traffic reports:


The individual visitors are listed along with visit time:

Unique web visitors stats.jpg